Interested in membership?

Membership INFO

One of the most attractive features of PYC is its affordability. The Executive Committee works diligently to keep the dues and other fees at reasonable and affordable levels. On average, a season at PYC will cost $1400. This includes dues and fees for your boat and trailer site.


To join PYC, you must own or plan to own a boat within 3 years. Many applicants get to know sponsoring members when they become active in a fleet. PYC is limited to 100 family memberships. If you’re on the waiting list, during the waiting period you have the option to keep a boat at the Club and participate in Club activities.

What if I am new to sailing?

If the idea of learning to sail is something that intrigues you, this might be the perfect opportunity. PYC offers prospective members the opportunity to learn about sailing in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. With so many activities going on at the Club, members are always looking for crew. Crewing is one of the best ways to meet people and start learning about this wonderful lifetime sport.


If you don’t know anyone at the Club, let us host a visit. Submit the form below, and our Membership chair will contact you to arrange a time. You can take a tour of the grounds and be introduced to our Flag Officers, the appropriate Fleet Captain(s), and some of our members.

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