Pymatuning Yacht Club was formed in the summer of 1937, the same year the Pymatuning Reservoir was filled. In the early years, the charter PYC members worked hard to lay the groundwork which developed the present Club. Pennsylvania granted the group a lease in 1946.

A rich history of competitive sailing was born. PYC sailors have been and remain competitive in regional, national and international competition. In spite of this growth and success, PYC has been able to maintain its identity as a cooperative family club with the learning and teaching of sailing as its principal objective.

An important step in this direction was the formation of the Junior Yacht Club in 1957. Junior sailing classes were initiated, and a long tradition of Junior sailing camps was soon introduced. Juniors as young as 5 years old are invited to participate.

Thanks to the guidance and generosity of many devoted members, the Club has grown and flourished through the years. Facilities have been added and improved, and fleets of nationally-known sailing classes have been established.

The Club enjoys many traditions and annual events. On Memorial Day weekend, we welcome our new members with a party. Laser Day is held every Fourth of July. And the summer wouldn’t be the same without the annual Corn Roast and Cheeseburger in Paradise parties. At any of these events, you may find our very own member band playing on the porch and families dancing on the patio.